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Public information and research
Since 2018/07 - 2019, 2020/06/21 - 2021/01/17, 2021/01/19 - Present

The archive has been reactivated by the administrator.
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The archive has been restored with bandwidth limitations and rules. If people continue to circumvent preventive systems, nobody will have access to the archives.

Library Archive has an impressive collection with over 500GB+ of data in over 40,000+ pieces.

Encrypted IRC

This service is available in the event that other communication mediums become too unstable. Reliable when other public web communication services are experiencing unexpected downtime.

Minecraft Server

Offering LTS Installation after Java 1.16 release.


The primary communication medium for the community.


We now feature a Bulletin Board System.


Developing and servicing bots for IRC, web applications, and NodeJS with the latest API.


We share research resources and links to other libraries, even other Discord servers. You can find these links by clicking the button on the top page.


Online Realmdex, public usage, is a utility in which you can create, edit, buy, maintain user-defined nodes, that can be used as psychic links.


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